Vintage Fisher Price Toy Auction

Fisher Price Toys from 70’s 80’s & 90’s

We are liquidating a large inventory of vintage toys some used, some new in original packaging.  Great Christmas gifts for those that like the older toys. .

  • FP McDonalds set
  • FP Castle with large quantity of figures
  • Set of 200 of the large Lego blocks
  • Over 1000 piece set of Lego Space blocks
  • FP stores, houses, sets
  • FP doctor’s kit, Carpenters kit
  • FP dolls, figures, cars, Little People
  • FP western town
  • Firetrucks, School busses, Space Shuttle
  • FP pull toys (wood & plastic)

Check back for updates.

15% buyers  premium   FL Lic ab3707/au905


Randy Kincaid is the owner of Kincaid Auction Realty LLC
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