Live Auctions

The Tradition of Live Auctions Continues

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

No one can deny that the live auction creates more of a carnival atmosphere with the banter between auctioneer and the crowd.

This is considered the traditional way of selling goods quickly.  The older generation is more likely to embrace live auctions as opposed to internet bidding.

The success of a live auction depends on proper organization and setup so the auction will flow smoothly.  

Live auctions are typically conducted either in an auditorium setting or a walk around style. 

In an auditorium setting    The bidders are typically seated and the merchandise is either presented to them on the front stage or the merchandise is arranged around the sides of the seating and there is a video display of the item being sold.

In a walk around setting, bidders follow the auctioneer down the rows and bid as they go. 

Either method requires ample space to display the merchandise and for the prospective bidders  and ample parking for the staff and attendees.

Proper setup of a live auction requires a large crew to organize, set up, and execute the auction with a smooth flow.  When dealing with large crowds , the auction company has to also address security,  refreshments, and restroom facilities.

In todays world, we find that live auctions work best with low end merchandise, house hold goods, and older equipment  with a local bidder appeal.

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