Real Estate Auctions

Keys to Successful Real Estate Auctions

Buyer Greed Drives Price

Everyone wants the best possible deal they can get.  Real estate buyers are drawn to any opportunity they can hopefully make a profit as an investor or save some money as a user.

Auctions offer the best marketing tool ever devised to get the carrot out where the prospective bidders can see it. 

Promoting an auction is similar to putting blood in the water to attract sharks.  The general perception of an auction from  the buyers perspective is seller stress and the prospect of a bargain deal coming. 

The primary key to a successful auction is attracting enough bidders.  As they compete with each other in the frenzy of the auction, they will bid until the perceived bargain is no longer there.   Hence, we have arrived at the true market value of the property at that particular time and place. 

Every property has its own unique features and every seller has his own needs dictated by his circumstances .  Randy Kincaid has over the past 28 years in the auction business dealt with most of those situations and circumstances.    With that  experience, he  can help you decide whether an auction would be the correct venue to market your property.

Kincaid Auction Realty offers both live and internet bidding.  About half of our real estate auctions are now conducted on the timed bid platform.  

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