New Consumer Electronics & Fragrances

New Electronics, Perfumes, Colognes, For Gifts

4745 E US Hwy 92, Lakeland, FL

On Line Bidding Ends December 13th


  • Audiobox Bluetooth Retro Ride classic truck model
  • Studebaker portable CD boom boxes
  • Studebaker 80’s Retro Street with CD player, FM stereo radios
  • Airtime Luxe 2 wireless ear buds with wireless charging pad
  • Griffin wireless charging stations with blue tooth speakers
  • Victrola blue tooth clock radios
  • Aftermaster Audio remastering and sound enhancers
  • Flippy soft holder stands for tablets and books
  • Dolfin AM/FM Shortwave World Radio with Bluetooth and Mp3 players
  • Magic Wand portable handheld scanner
  • 9″ ProScan swivel screen portable DVD and media players
  • US Army fragrance gift sets and colognes
  • Golden Apple perfume and lotion gift setsĀ 
  • Ron Marone’s Rock for men gift sets


Randy Kincaid is the owner of Kincaid Auction Realty LLC
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