Modern Office Furnishings and Equipment

Late Model Cubicles, Chairs, Desks, Computers, Decorations, Server, Copy Machines, Tables, Shelving, Break Room Appliances

11301 Corporate Blvd, Ste 315, Orlando, FL 32817
On Line Bidding Begins Feb 7th Ends Feb 26th

This 12,000 sf office was set up during th COVID pandemic to deal with testing, and  vaccination training and record keeping.  Only the finest in furnishings and equipment was installed.  As the government programs and contracts wound down, the office was closed.    Some of the furnishings were moved to a warehouse which we are liquidating in a separate auction ending on Feb 21st

Highlights (tentative)

  • HP All in One Curved Screen Computers, HP and Canon Printers, Computer Server System
  • Cubicles with desks, shelving, cabinets being sold in blocks
  • Training room tables, chairs, video screen
  • 65″ television, telephones, desk accessories, office supplies, decorations
  • Latteral filing cabinets, tables, shelving units,
  • Breakroom refrigerators, Kurig coffee makers, juice dispensers, microwaves, toaster


Randy Kincaid is the owner of Kincaid Auction Realty LLC
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