Liquidation of Benedict Smith Designs

Internet Auction ends Friday, Nov 6th 3pm

Inspection Thursday Nov 5th 10am to 3pm

Inspection & Pickup - 455 4th St S, Lake Wales, FL

We are also cataloging the Benedict Smith art gallery, frame shop and jewelry that will be sold in separate auctions coming soon. 

Equipment for designing and making gold rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, plus jewelry displays and showcases.

Benedict and Smith Designs was the producer of high quality custom jewelry.  Unfortunately, due to health reasons, the owners have decided to retire and liquidate all of the equipment. 


  • glass show cases and jewelry display cabinets
  • jewelers work benches
  • ingot making tools for making gold wire and flats
  • gold wire drawing machine
  • gem stone tumbler
  • stone saw
  • lapidary sander, grinder
  • drafting tables
  • jewelry photo cabinets
  • kt stamps for inside ring
  • panagraph, & free style engraving machine
  • forming stakes for necklaces, bracelets, straight – 8 different sizes
  • heavy wood work table  on casters
  • Tattle Tale solution driven tumble polisher for inside of rings
  • State of the art POS system
  • stainless steel needle tumbler for polishing inside of rings
  • investment powder scale
  • Kitchen Aid mixer
  • Memco Okay high frequency electric  casting  machine for melting silver, gold, platinum
  • kiln with controller
  • stainless bun warmer
  • lost wax casting centrifuge
  • Memco computerized melt down furnace
  • shot tower for converting gold and silver to pellets
  • vacuum dome for pulling air out of investment powder
  • steel pedestal work table with vise
  • vulcanizing press up to 400 lb psi
  • compressed air powered screw cutter
  • pneumatic jack hammer
  • broken arm centrifuge casting machine
  • pressurized wax injector
  • Memco wax injector
  • casting flasks for investment powder for vacuum casting machine
  • jewelers hammers, forceps, files, tool cabinets
  • ultra sonic cleaner
  • Tradesman Model D electro plater for plating rodium over gold
  • buffing machine with sweep collector
  • disc and belt sanders
  • low temp baking oven for molds up to 500 degrees
  • grinding and sanding drums
  • small glass bead machine
  • watchmakers work bench

15% buyers premium  FL Lic ab3907/au905


Randy Kincaid is the owner of Kincaid Auction Realty LLC
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