Fogging Machines Internet Auction

Great High Profit Returns for On Line and Retail Dealers

We are liquidating a huge inventory of foggers in wholesale lots.   Most of these foggers are still in their original shipping boxes.

  • cordless battery ULV cold foggers
  • cordless Li-ion battery powered ulv cold foggers (several different styles)
  • Backpack cordless ulv foggger with tri jet mist blower
  • 1500 watt professional fogging machines
  • 20 Liter backpack electric sprayer 110v with flex hoe
  • Portable electric disinfection fogging machine
  • cart design cold foggers with extra long flex hose
  • Cordless battery powered Nano atomizers
  • Electrostatic ULV cold foggers

Check back for updates.

15% buyers  premium   FL Lic ab3707/au905

You can purchase all of the chemicals and usage instructions you need for your new fogger from one of these on line suppliers


Randy Kincaid is the owner of Kincaid Auction Realty LLC
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